Election Services

Hi Tech election multiservices and company .is the leading provider of a variety of services in Nashik and all around India. Quality is the main motive of our organization and we strive hard to maintain the required standard in our services.We are a client-centric organization. We try to build a relationship of trust and confidence with the customers.

In today globalization is very difficult to entertain voters. They are not giving proper attention, to voting, because of their busy schedule they are not voting.Voters are today getting lured by money and the politcal power of politicians. It has become a need of the hour, to make the voters aware by the use of computer gadgets and media.

In the order to make the canidates close to the voters and to provide them various type of good service, we have developed HiTech Servicesin the past Lok sabha, Vidhan sabha and municipal corporation this has been very good success, in election.

Therefore is useful for all kind of election to achieve success.

We provide :-


  • *Documentary (Informative Video)

  • *L Shaped Display Van

  • *Live Satellite Broadcast

  • *Voter Helpline(Call Centre)

  • *Laptop with Operator

  • *Voter Sheet Software

  • *Celebrities Event

  • *Data Collection

  • *PRO Services (PR Services)

  • *Demo Voter ID Machine

  • *Survey

  • *Booth Management

  • *Helicopter

  • *Election Materials